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National Order of the Arrow Web Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on the National OA Web Staff. We are a team of dedicated Arrowmen located throughout the country that assembly and create the national web site that serves as a primary method of communication with Arrowmen, Scouters, and Parents.

Please complete the following application in its entirety. Be sure to be sure to take your time and complete all the questions. We will do our best to contact you after we review your application.

Identification Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone #:
1 () -
Cell Phone #:
1 () -
Year of Birth:
Council #:
Specific Abilities/Your Availability
How many hours per week can you spend on the OA communications staff?
HTML skills?
PHP skills?
MySQL skills?
ASP skills?
JavaScript skills?
Flash skills?
Graphic design?
Interests/Skills Free Response
Current Scouting and OA Positions:
Describe what you have done in the past in Scouting and in the OA. (Troop/lodge/other leadership positions held, council/lodge/section/national events you have attended or staffed, NOACs you have been to, and so on. Be as detailed as necessary to convey your experience.)
Include a detailed account of your written media experience and background. (Story and article writing, editing, graphics, layout/design, photography, special training received, etc.)
Include a detailed account of your computer skills and media background. (Programming languages you know, web design applications you use, URLs of web pages you have worked on, special training received, etc.)
Finally, why do you want to work on the national OA communications staff?